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Since 2011

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City-Hydro The Vertical Farm

One City-Hydro can grow enough fresh greens to supply 15 restaurants , several families and 2 or 3 farmer markets on less then 100 gals of water and $125.00 in utilities per month. All products are grown PURE, with No Fertilizers No Pesticides and No Soil, All in 100% Certified Food Safe Plastics. The U.S. government spends billions of dollars each year to subsidize crops used to produce processed foods and sugary drinks the same foods the USDA nutritional guidelines tell us to eat less of. This policy failure is contributing to a massive and costly public health crisis, as rates of chronic, diet-related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease have shot up even, increasingly, among children. The Founder of City-Hydro at one time was 300++ lbs so they know they understand its changeable just one small change in your diet at a time eat freashly harvest grown pure foods to start. And the same policies that encourage unhealthy food production also support an outdated, unsustainable system of industrial agriculture, which has damaging impacts on soil, air, water, human health, and rural economies. 

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