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City-Hydro History

City-Hydro FellsPoint Baltimore first "Vertical Farm" was founded in Fall 2011 after Larry Hountz a former Cyber Security expert was in a serious auto accident where he suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in Post Concussion Syndrome. Trying to find something that would help him in his recovery Larry decided to start growing plants as therapy, one day  Zhanna came home from Whole Foods with heirloom tomatoes that cost $7.00 a pound, Larry decided that now there is way to make a little income grow tomatoes and sell them at the local farmers market in FellsPoint with no land he decided to try to grow indoors in a spare back bedroom under LED lights, well it was not very successful. He got great tomatoes vines but little to no tomatoes of any size larger then a grape LED's just did have the power, he turned to Zhanna and said lettuces, she look at him and suggest Microgreens, well you need a lot of space to grow lettuces to make any money and space was something they didn't have a lot of in a row home in downtown Baltimore. First farmers market  they made $35.00 from the lettuce they harvested in there 10'x15' back room, Larry then looked at Zhanna and said Microgreens to which she replied "Great Idea" Thus City-Hydro "The Vertical Farm" was born.

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