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Chef de Horticulture

Welcome to the 21st Century and the new member of your kitchen staff Chef de Horticulture who will take "Farm to Fork" for a loop "Seed to Plate" as Zhanna likes to call it.... City-Hydro has taken farming into the very high-tech environment with a simple attitude of let natural process do its thing there. With cutting edge technologies and simple growing methods developed by City-Hydro "Chef de Horticulture" can have fresh, living microgreens, petite greens, herbs, and lettuces grown on-site for every day use lowering that all important food cost. Imagine wanting new greens to go with your new menu items that no one else has. Now you can. City-Hydro's rack and tray system can grow 100's of full sheet pans of greens in days, all in a 10x20 room. City-Hydro's model is food safe, kitchen friendly, and can be customized.

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