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About City-Hydro Systems 

Our systems produce the best young living plants with PURE WATER. City- Hydro founders found that eating young tender plants still living was much more beneficial to their health. We eat our own dogfood and it shows in our health. There is a reason why our cohabitants eat living tender young greens not old tree bark! Nutrients, Taste, Digestibility. All of our systems from the HomeKit to a Full Size grow room all produce the very same amazing microgreens, using the very same process and methods. The favor, the nutrients and the sustainability all have been left to mother nature. The systems utilize state of the art LEDS designed by City-Hydro and built by a leading LED manufacture, 100% Certified Food Safe Plastic growing trays, Organic Coco Fiber Substrata, PURE H20 filtered 3 times and fully sourced and traceable seeds.

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