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The Vertical Farm

City-Hydro FellsPoint Baltimore's first Vertical Farm is located in a 10'x15' room in the back of a typical Baltimore City row home. The  farm produces 12,000 pounds of microgreens annually using PURE water, No Fertilizers No Pesticides and No Soil all 85 plus verities of microgreens are grown in 100% Food-Safe plastic trays. All the process, systems and methods were designed by City-Hydro founders from the LED lights they use to the way they seed and care for the microgreens. All the microgreens grown at the Vertical Farm are sold living on specially designed coco fiber pads, thus allowing clients to harvest to order eliminating all waste and little to no lose of nutritional value. The  Vertical Farm uses less then $125.00 in electricity per month and less then 10 gallons of water per day. The microgreens and heirloom lettuces are grown on NFS racks in a climate controlled room under the specially designed LED lights developed by City-Hydro.

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