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Our Company

Each City-Hydro is individual owned and operated. City-Hydro founders oversee all aspects of the training and certification of all City-Hydro owners and growers an maintain close adherence to all City-Hydro high standards. All City-Hydro locations grow in the same PURE method NO FERTILIZERS NO PESTICIDES NO SOIL PURE H2O. Every location is small and sustainable supporting a family not only with a REAL livable income but fresh greens daily. City-Hydro trains each owner on not just their PURE growing methods but how to sell to restaurants, hotels, retail and farmers markets. City-Hydro has national accounts with leading restaurants and hotels thus enabling easy access to those chefs and buyers. Our friends and clients all know the high quality product that all City-Hydro's produce. Its our PASSION that affects the flavor in our greens and it shows hence quotes like these:

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