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*** BareBones: Comes with everything PURE 6 does less the Wire Rack/Shelf

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 City-Hydro's PURE Grow System 6 was built from the ground up, utilizing the latest LED technologies and hydroponic growing methods. City-Hydro's PURE Grow System fits into any environment as a stand alone unit or as a cluster in a full grow-room application. City-Hydro's proven technology use only PURE H2O, no fertilizers, no pesticides and no soil, all plastics used in the system are certified Food-Safe, all grow mediums are 100% natrual. City-Hydro simple 5 step process insures your total successes, insures your product is PURE and full of flavor. City-Hydro PURE Grow System incorporates two stages of production, first being germination, second being vegetative. The first stage of germination normally takes between 3-4 days, the second stage is the vegetative state, this stage take on average another 4-5 days. City-Hydro 5500K LEDs are very cost-efficient and long lasting average life average life expectancy of 50,000 hours. City-Hydro microgreens are sold living insuring the highest nutritional value and freshness at harvest. City-Hydro prides itself on Food-Safety and Freshness of its product. City-Hydro microgreens have won several awards, are high sought after by Chefs and Nutritionist and individuals. All City-Hydro certified grows grow PURE and must maintain the same high-quality product as mandate by the founders.


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BareBones PURE Grow System 6