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🌱 Need some help improving your microgreens business? Learn from a trusted resource.

🌱 Growing Issues, Business Operations, Finding Clients or other questions. We have been in the microgreen business for over a decade with over 20,000 clients worldwide using our products and/or systems. We have been on PBS, On the front page of the New York Times Business section and in countless other publications. 

🌱 Our remote consultations are online via Zoom or Go To Meeting each session can be recorded for your later reference.


🌱 Our goal is to make you successful either growing microgreens or running your business. You're success is our success.


🌱 This is your time, be prepared with your questions to get the greatest benefit. 


🌱 You can purchase 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour time slots.


🌱 Pricing 1 Hour $100.00, 30 min $50.00, 20 min $60.00


🌱 Please see our In-depth Microgreen Consulting Details for more infromation or email




In-depth Microgreen Consulting

  • In-depth Microgreen Consulting is available Monday-Saturday 09:00-6:00 EST. Once a purchase is made Larry or Zhanna will contact you to schedule you time slot. No refunds for no shows 15 min grace period, example your scheduled for 2:00 you have until 2:15 to attend the call. You schedule 1 hour the call is 1 hour, you can schedule in smaller time slots 20 min and 30 min.

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