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City-Hydro Starter Microgreen Home Kit comes with one food safe growing tray a rack mounted LED Tube lights, a countertop rack, enough seeds, coco pads for 2 full growings and all the supplies needed to ensure your success.

Countertop kit.


Basic Microgreen Home Kit -


- 1 White 18"x12"x3" FoodSafe Tray

- 1 Germination Lid

- 1 Hydro-Spacer

- 1 15.75in Long (400mm) Tube LED Lamp and power supply

- 1 Pipette

- 1 pH test paper roll

- 1 100 ml measuring cup

- 1 Wire Shelf 18"x9"x9"

- 8 Coco Fiber Pads (substrate)

- 1 oz packet  of Micro Broccoli Seeds

- 1 oz packet of Micro Russian Kale Seeds

- 1 Water Spray Bottle, 24 oz.

- 1 Training manual


**** Don't forget extra pads:  80 NEW City-Hydro PURE CocoNut Grow Pads

Starter Microgreen HomeKit

SKU: 000110

    City-Hydro Microgreen Home Kits are perfect way to get started growing microgreens. Our microgreens kits includes everything you need to get started. You will be harvesting your own delicious and nutritious microgreens (up to 40 TIMES more nutrient then the adult counterpart) in ONLY 7-10 days.

    Our kits grow your microgreens soil free, uses no fertilizers nor pesticides using only PURE H2O. Our kits fit perfectly on any kitchen countertop or desktop, indoors or out. . Our deluxe microgreens kit comes with 2 certified food-safe trays, thus you will have a never ending supply of delicious and nutritious microgreens

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